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By courtesy of the Romanian Agency for Foreign Investment (ARIS)

Taking notice of Romania’s competitive advantages, smart investors realize that the greatest benefit of investing in our country is that the Romanian business climate provides a platform for reaching broad business objectives that might include penetrating new markets, globalizing company operations, or establishing new supply-chain partnerships.

Only through a strong infusion of capital, technology, and methods of modern management, through opening towards the external markets, Romania will be able to determine an important change of structure of the economy, an increase of its performances, and of its competitiveness at an international level.

When considering Romania as a possible location for developing their businesses, the foreign investors might benefit from the advantages offered by Romania:

Market & Location Advantage

  • One of the largest markets in Central and Eastern Europe (over 21 million inhabitants) 
  • Market is growing, there are increasing business opportunities, while the entry barriers remain low                   
  • Attractive location: allowing an easy access to the countries of the former CIS countries, Balkans, the Middle East and Northern Africa
  • Attractive location: at the junction of three prospective European transportation corridors no. 4, 7 & 9

Resource Advantage

  • Skilled labor force, with solid knowledge in technology, IT and engineering
  • Rich natural resources, including fertile agricultural land, oil and gas
  • An important potential for tourism

Political Advantage

  • Stable executive power
  • Government - more responsive to the dialogue and suggestions of the business community
  • Stability factor in the Area -NATO member
  • Stability Guarantee in South Eastern Europe
  • EU membership on January 2007

IR Advantage

  • Bilateral agreements between Romania and other  countries  for investments  promotion and protection
  • Bilateral diplomatic relations with 177 out of 191
  • Member of the UN and other international organizations, like: OSCE, Council of Europe and International Organization of La Francophonie
  • Free trade agreements with EU, EFTA countries, CEFTA countries
  • WTO member since January 1995

Economical Advantage

  • Sustainable economic growth
  • Year 2005 - the 6th one of continuous growth for the country
  • Functional Market Economy status
  • Decreasing inflation
  • Permanent financial assistance for SME's Development
  • Increasing interest of foreign investors
  • Privatization program still including some very interesting companies
  • Commitment of investment funds present in the country to develop their business and the association of the government with international financial institutions, such as IMF, EBRD, World Bank, and the EU Commission

Improving Infrastructure Advantage

  • Well-developed networks of mobile telecommunications in GSM systems
  • A highly developed industrial infrastructure, including oil and petrochemicals
  • The presence of branch offices and representatives of various well-known international banks
  • A newly developed highway infrastructure
  • Commitment to improve the highway infrastructure to EU standards
  • Extensive maritime and river navigation facilities

Social and Education Advantage

  • Agreement between Government and Major Unions
  • No major Union Movements
  • Permanent dialogue with the employees associations
  • Labor relations regulated by the Labor Code
  • Foreign languages largely spoken in the main cities
  • Good housing, schooling, shopping, etc. options

Legislative Advantage

  • Good law and order
  • Legislation compatible with Acquis Communautaire
  • Similar legal provisions as in UE
  • Healthy fiscal policy regulated by the Fiscal Code
  • Competitive tax policy: 16% flat tax



For further information:

Romanian Agency for Foreign Investment
Address: 22, Primaverii Blvd., District 1, Bucharest
Tel: (+4021) 233 91 03
Fax: (+4021) 233 91 04
e-mail: aris@arisinvest.ro
Website: www.arisinvest.ro

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Tel: (+4021) 335 02 67
Fax: (+4021) 335 02 67
e-mail: aneir-cpce@aneir-cpce.ro
Website: www.aneir-cpce.ro







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