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Expatriates have come to Indonesia since the days of the early spice trade to trade for rare spices, tea, rubber, and other goods. In more recent decades Indonesia has seen major investments by large multinationals, small businessmen and individuals.

Agribusiness - Opportunities exist in the forestry sector, including provision of pulp and paper, joint ventures in establishment of timber estates, consultancy and forestry insurance services. Indonesia is looking to attract new investment in fish processing and palm oil. There are also considerable opportunities for the continuing supply of breeder stock, feeder and slaughter cattle; feedlot management; abattoir, meat handling and butchering equipment; and education and training programs. Other opportunities include dairy cattle, beef and poultry, game meats and other meats (offal, mutton, goat and lamb).

Automotive - Opportunities in the Indonesian automotive industry include in the areas of: automotive industry; automotive components; and provision of alternative fuel technology, tooling design, moulds, training and technology transfer. .

Business and Financial Services - Ongoing economic reform is generating opportunities in restructuring, good governance issues (such as due diligence) and forensic accounting.

Construction and Infrastructure - Opportunities exist in airport infrastructure, road maintenance, toll-road construction, toll-road operation, seaport development, and engineering services.

Information and Communication Technology - Opportunities exist in system integration, support systems, training, professional services, outsourcing and internet services. The telecommunication sector is expected to expand in line with the economic recovery and present opportunities for consultancy, engineering, equipment supply and training.

E-commerce - Opportunities exist in provision of online services and value-added services especially for software and Internet Security. Foreign investors are free to invest in internet-related industries including internet portals, internet service providers, and internet content providers.

Environmental Products and Services - Best prospects are in pollution control, including low cost water treatment equipment and spare parts, training and ISO14000 accreditation services. Other opportunities include support systems for sustainable resources management (eg. spatial data), solid waste, urban water and sanitation management. Opportunities exist for composting technology, recycling technology, landfill technology, waste to energy technology and medical waste treatment.

Food & Beverages - New areas of opportunity are expected to include: new lines of processed food and dairy products such as breakfast cereals, biscuits and flavoured milk; ingredients for the food services sector; technology transfer (eg. in packaging and processing); and consultancy services to the dairy industry.

Opportunities for small-goods (jams, health food), non-alcoholic beverages, pre-prepared food, transfer of technology and services, and joint venture or licensing arrangements for food products

Dairy Products - Opportunities exist for products such as milk, butter (retail and bulk) and cheese. Yoghurt and industrial dairy inputs such as milk powder are also supplied to Indonesia. The local dairy industry requires expertise in dairy farming, processing, distribution and marketing, development and management of integrated facilities.

Fresh Produce - Fruit exported to Indonesia include apples, pears, oranges and table grapes, as well as smaller quantities of exotic fruits such as kiwi fruit, plums, nectarine and cherries. Indonesia also requires agricultural equipment (irrigation, nursery, greenhouses).

Health and Medical - Opportunities exist in private hospital development and management; alliances with specialist providers and clinics; private health insurance; hospital staff training; export of medical equipment; and health care treatment.

Mining and Mineral - The Indonesian mining sector presents opportunities for consultancy and engineering services; conveying and stockpiling equipment; coal beneficiation/preparation plants; instrumentation and monitoring; control systems; and servicing existing and new developments.Oil and Petroleum -In addition to oil and gas extraction there are opportunities for drilling equipment, engineering consultants and other mining equipment and services.

Transport and Storage - There are opportunities for recreational and industrial shipbuilding and sales; ship repairs; and freight and passenger transport services. Opportunities in the railway industry include passenger and freight transport services and railway equipment manufacture. In line with the change in consumer demand for higher quality and more perishable products, there is expected to be an increase in the need for cold storage facilities.

Science and Technology - In the renewable energy sector there are opportunities for solar hot water systems, solar street lighting, solar systems for village houses and clinics, mini hydro-power systems, and consultancy, training and education.








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